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  • Liaharenský podnik Nitra, a.s. operates 6 breeding farms in which we care for biosecurity and animal welfare.
  • Our farms have litter, aviary and enriched cage systems that meet strict European Union standards and guidelines.
  • All our breeding farms are controlled by the State Veterinary and Food Administration of the Slovak Republic. Our veterinarians regularly monitor the strict standards and health of all animals.
  • All products from our farms are supplied with the health certificate.
  • In addition, our own compound feed factory is a guarantee of quality and nutritious feed, which is the basic pillar for good animal health and efficient production.
farma Jurský Dvor

Reproductive Breeding - Jurský Dvor

súradnice 48.2991517N, 18.0317372E

farma Močenok

Reproductive Breeding – Močenok

súradnice 48.2315883N, 17.9525611E

farma Jarok

Rearing – Jarok

súradnice 48.2756950N, 17.9728361E

farma Močenok

Rearing – Veľký Cetín

súradnice 48.2228239N, 18.2058769E

farma Veľké Zálužie

Rearing – Veľké Zálužie

súradnice 47.845875N, 18.262662E

farma Svätý Peter

Rearing – Svätý Peter

súradnice 47.837463N, 18.246097E

farma Jarok

Hatchery – Párovské Háje

súradnice 48.2853961N, 18.0014819E

Výrobňa kŕmnych zmesí Vráble

Compound Feed Manufacture – Vráble

súradnice 48.243622N, 18.307976E