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Hatching Eggs

  • Our hatching eggs are carefully selected and originated from our own breeding stock (more than 180,000 parents) with an international certificate EN ISO 22 000.
  • The annual production of hatching eggs reaches over 50 million pieces.
  • The high quality of hatching eggs represents the basis for a healthy and efficient generation of future laying hens.
  • Our customer can rely on:

    • guaranteed fresh hatching eggs, which have been carefully selected
    • excellent results of fertilization and hatching
    • carefully packed and safely transported eggs to you

Day Old Chicks

  • Layer day old chicks Lohmann Brown originate from our own hatcheries that meet the strictest hygiene standards and are equipped with modern vaccine application and beak treatments.
  • LOHMANN BROWN is a hen with a high performance potential that produces the highest quality eggs, with a solid shell of attractive brown color.
  • She excels in early start of laying eggs with optimal size, she has good nesting behavior, superior feed conversion and persistent production.
  • She enjoys growing popularity among intensive and alternative laying hen producers.

For our customers we are providing:

  • delivery of up to 350 000 chickens a week
  • vaccination of day-old chicks against: Marek's disease with a bivalent vaccine (HVT, Rispens) on a modern Nova-Tech automatic device, Newcastle disease, Infectious brochitis and also against infectious laryngotracheitis
  • beak treatment in a gentle way using laser technology
  • fast and safe expedition of chickens by our own air-conditioned transport within 24 hours to the customer
  • service and consultancy, including veterinary advice
  • advantageous offers that include bonuses


  • For our customers we offer rearing of pullets up to 16 weeks of age.
  • The pullets are reared on the modernized farm where we care for the welfare and needs of young hens.
  • Our farms dispose litter, modern alternative aviary rearing system and enriched cage system. The customer can choose the most suitable rearing method that is compatible with his breeding requirements.
  • Thanks to a significant investment in technology, we have expanded capacity and we are able to breed more than 250 000 pieces of pullets.